Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ani Phyo 15 Day Fat Blast Review: Day 6

Day 6

Due to limitations set by the publishing company, I am not able to post the recipes from the book. If you are unable to support Ani in purchasing her book, please utilize your public library!

Today is a Sunday and I generally end up running around a bit trying to get more accomplished before my husband and I leave for church than there is time for, and today was no exception. The good news was that the salad that I made for lunch before leaving-- the Asian Cabbage Salad, is very efficient and quick! Not to mention delicious!


Chocolate Banana Mylk Shake
5 of 5 stars-- my personal rating

Sorry the picture is a bit dark! I forgot to take it after I had already consumed half of it- I was hungry!

Morning Snack

Pineapple Coconut Salad
5 of 5 stars-- my personal rating

This was again a bit surprising as I wouldn't have thought to pair ginger with pineapple and coconut but the result was excellent! I will definitely be making this again!


Asian Cabbage Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette
5 of 5 stars-- my personal rating

This salad is delicious! And very filling! I couldn't finish all of it because it is so big! The one serving makes enough for two people, is simple to make, and oops! I just saw that I forgot to add the nutritional yeast! That's what I get for making things in a hurry! Well, I will be sure to add it to what is left!

Afternoon Snack

Mango Mint Shake
4 of 5 stars-- my personal rating

* I added a little stevia and agave to this and 2 ice cubes.

I was a little disappointed in how this turned out. If I were to make it again I would add an additional 1/2 C of mango to punch up the flavor.


Red Pepper Soup
3 of 5 stars-- my personal rating

*I used a little less of the chipotle powder and reduced the miso to 2 tsp.

I was a bit disappointed with this soup- I had hoped that it would be smooth and sweet. It probably would be more so if it had only called for a pinch of the chipotle powder. As it is, it is quite hot and while edible, I would not make it again.