Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Past Month- Fun Adventures!

Wow! I didn't realize that it has been a little over a month since I posted last! YIKES!! 
In my defense it has been a busy month! In the beginning of May my family and I went to Pensacola to celebrate my cousin John's wedding to his lovely gal Tiffany and to vacation- we had a blast! And I got Very burnt! This is my brother James in the photo to the left and my mom and dad are between us in the photo below. It was really great to get to see my cousins and their children again!

Since returning to Indiana I have been working on the garden! I got a bunch of raspberry bushes from a very kind lady who was thinning out her patch and I made a couple beds for them. 
Most recently I got the garden planted!! Finally!!! I broke down and bought plants this year rather than attempt to start them from seed- I just wasn't up for it! And they are doing soo well! After last years drought this year is so full of promise that I am just super pleased and excited! I have had soo much trouble trying to grow tomatoes that I think this will be the year I succeed! 
Our family owns several sour cherry trees and they have been super bountiful this year as well- I have picked a bunch along with my mother and father in law and there is still more on the trees! So I created a couple recipes using them- of coarse!

Watermelon Cherry Breakfast

1 1/2 C watermelon cubed
1/2 C pitted cherries
2 handfuls raw oat groats
1 handful raw almonds
1 handful dried cranberries
1 1/2 tbsp raw chocolate sauce- about 1/2 of the recipe below
            1/4 C coconut oil
            1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
            1 pkt stevia

Load your bowl with each ingredient and chow down- it is soo good! It is also great with a pear instead of watermelon!

I am thinking about trying to make a raw cherry cobbler...

Anyhow, I hope you are having a fabulous summer! More delicious recipes to come soon!