Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ani Phyo 15 Day Fat Blast Review: Day 13

Day 13

Due to limitations set by the publishing company, I am not able to post the recipes from the book. If you are unable to support Ani in purchasing her book, please utilize your public library!

Today was something of a lazy day. Made food before church. Went to church. Hung out with family and ate after church. Came home and made afternoon snack and dessert. Watch a program, ate too many nuts, skipped making dinner, and went to work. Hurrah, I still have dishes to clean!


Avocado Shake
4 of 5-- my personal rating

* I used spirulina this time as I thought the wheatgrass would overwhelm the strawberries. I used about a 1/4 cup more strawberries, all fresh.

I think if I were to make this again I would add an additional half a cup of strawberries and use frozen as those are sweeter than fresh.


Fennel Slaw with Dill Vinaigrette
4 of 5-- my personal rating

* I used dried dill- 1 1/2 tsp and the full amount of white miso.

This slaw was okay. Not fabulous but okay. I would add carrot and maybe some raisins and paprika if I were to make it again. I also think that perhaps, as the ingredients tend toward the bland side that the darker miso would have boosted it's flavor, and that adding the pumpkin or sunflower seeds would help as I forgot to add them because I was trying to finish this salad before having to wake my husband up to go to church. Oops. 

I would like to take a moment to applaud the use of graters and micro-planers. They are awesome tools that make life so much easier. I purchased a micro-planer before I started these 15 days, and boy I am so thankful that I did. It is the best tool for mincing fresh ginger!

Afternoon Snack

Carrot Ginger Soup
5 of 5 stars-- my personal rating

*I used white miso- full amount, added the coconut oil, and a pinch of the chipotle powder

This is an excellent soup! The white miso doesn't overpower the other flavors but enhances it. I shredded my carrot with the grater as I don't have a vitamix and I didn't want to risk any chunks as carrots are harder than some other veggies.

Morning Snack becomes Post Afternoon-snack Dessert!

Fudge Brownies with Fresh Berries
5 of 5 stars-- my personal rating

Makes 4 Servings
* I used cocoa powder as I don't have either of the other.

Be warned that this recipe is made to be four servings. I halved it and made two and then proceeded to eat them both! Followed by a snack of cashews while watching a show. And now I don't want my supper! I have to leave for work soon so I plan on taking an apple with me in case I get hungry. I was supposed to make the Pesto Wraps this evening but I'm just too full!
This goes to show- don't eat and watch programs!! 

I am hoping that I haven't sabotaged my efforts by this action-- I have a bad habit of munching when bored- or depressed, that I really want to break. It is so easy to fall back into bad habits!