Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Super Awesome News!

My husband and I have adopted the best dog in the world!!!
He is the cutest most smartest dog ever!
          -says the most biest person here.

I was working on another article/post when I realized that I haven't shared quite possibly the most exciting news of this year!

We got Dr. Watson (Watson for short) in April of this year. We think he is a German shepard, terrier mix with maybe some rhodesian ridgeback thrown in for good measure (minus the ridgeback) as he has the same coloring and facial structure. So basically miniture german shepard!

 This was when we first got him-- look! He is SO small!!!!! AHH, he was about half the size he is now!
       He is sleeping with his rubber ducky here.

Watson LOVES to run but I can't run fast enough for him so I run him while riding my bike. This summer I got Watson a basket for him to ride in so that we can go on long rides together. He likes to run and explore in between riding in the basket!

This was taken in July and he has since grown even bigger! We love our pup and are training him daily-- Chris is better at this than I am!

Personnel File #003
Name: Dr. Watson
Age:  8 months
Likes: Running, digging, sniffing socks, trying to play with cats, licking people, throwing his rope, napping on laps, exploring instead of coming back.
Dislikes: Getting a bath and having nails trimmed
Skills: Carrying multiple toys, shaking a paw (left and right), sitting, laying down, high five-ing, crawling, and rolling over.