Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Book Review: The Lost World

I just finished this awesome book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
In addition to his well known character, Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Doyle wrote a few other works of fiction, The Lost World being one of them. In 1992 it was made into a movie that I haven't had the pleasure (?) of seeing.

Set in London, the main character is journalist Ed Malone and he wants to marry a rather selfish and shallow young lady who refuses because he isn't a famous person of notoriety. She challenges him to take advantage of life and pursue it's possibilities- basically the only good thing she did-- thankfully her role is minor.

Malone ends up meeting a Professor Challenger who has evidence of "prehistoric" animals being alive in South America and ends up leading a second expedition to the location to prove their existence with another professor- Mr. Summerlee, Malone- who documents the trip, and a great all-around sportsman and athlete, Lord John Roxton.

I will leave the majority of the story for you to discover and experience, as it is an excellent one, and merely say that the adventure was a success.

Are Dinosaurs Alive Today?

Although the majority believes that dinosaurs are long extinct- by millions, trillions, or whatever, number of years, there are those that believe that dinosaurs are still alive today, but are just very rarely seen. This is due to how populated our world has become. There are few places that remain unexplored where a dinosaur can actually live (while a lot of the Artic is unexplored, a dinosaur isn't going to be found living there), but there are places that are hard to get to, and rarely disturbed. The possibility exists and there are several books that explore the related sightings and possible locations of existing dinosaurs.

A few really good ones- if your interest has been piqued- are the following!

Dinosaurs Dead or Alive is a quick easy read that is very interesting. It has a few pictures and gives accounts, many with personal quotes from people who have experience dinosaur sightings.

Another really good book, that gives sightings from all over North America- including newspaper articles is, Monster! Monster! A Survey of the North American Monster Scene by Betty  Sanders Garner. She has a very skeptical viewpoint and doesn't do only dinosaurs but also gives sightings of Big Foot, river monsters, and sea serpents.

Dinosaur; Scientific Evidence That Dinosaurs and Men Walked Together by Dr. Carl Baugh, Ph. D. goes into verifying scientifically why it is possible that dinosaurs and man lived together.