Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Re- Starting a More Healthy Diet

Over the winter I wandered away from being as raw as I used to be with healthy options that were more processed. I wandered away from smoothies and shakes in favor of soups that I bought at the store- a few I made myself but it's time to get back into the swing of things as I have been feeling slower and more tired- and I've gained a bit :(  
Darn cookies!! Why do you have to be so tasty!?!

To jump back into my high raw food lifestyle, I am doing FullyRawKristina's Bikini Body ChallengeIt's 14 days of eating fully raw in the 80-10-10 proportions. While I have been fully raw before and felt fabulous- and done weight loss raw plans before- none of them were the 80-10-10.
So this should be an interesting 14 days!

I am currently on Day 3 ( The program started June 1st but I started June 2nd.)  
Day 1 was pretty easy but I started to get a detox headache in the afternoon.
Day 2 was difficult and I do admit that I cheated a little-- sneaky cookies! Whaat! How did that happen?! I still had the detox headache and did my workout anyway- although I was much slower than usual as I felt like it was taking a lot more energy to get it all done. The headache dissipated around 4pm but it may come back- we'll see...

Day 3- there was plenty of food- too much really, which a couple of my friends at work were like "what are you drinking?", and "what is that?" so they got to taste my smoothie for lunch which they really liked too! 

The smoothie I made for my lunch was a little different than Kristina's recipe as I didn't have 5 oranges, only three, or any cilantro-- but it tasted great- and it is super thick! Packed full of FIBER!!! So much fiber... fiber fiber everywhere!

Every morning we drink 32 oz of lemon or fruit water to get the plumbing going, followed by a breakfast juice, a smoothie lunch, and a fruit appetizer with a salad dinner.

My Lunch Smoothie

3 Naval oranges
1/2 a pineapple
1 peeled and sliced mango
1 C de-stemmed kale
Pack into blender and blend until smooth and serve (or as smooth as your blender will allow you to get it).

I personally am having a hard time understanding how Kristina eats soooo much food!!!! It's super filling and I couldn't even finish the smoothie! I drank the glass for lunch on my way to work and had 3/4 of the jar for my snack. The salad was more than enough for dinner- it looks deceptively small in the picture.

Anyhow, another day down! I will post my progress periodically- weight loss has yet to occur but I really hope it happens! I admit I'm a tad bit concerned considering the quantities I'm eating... Guess I'll find out!!

For those of you interested in trying out the raw food lifestyle, this is a great opportunity! Check out Kristina's videos on!