Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Time Flies: Personal Life Update

It is amazing to me how quickly time passes overall and how slowly it can slog by in a day. I have been meaning to post a couple recipes on here for several weeks now and between life and laziness it hasn't happened. 

My mother recently had ankle replacement surgery and I went to help her out for a week afterward- for her time is moving slothfully slow as she is non- weight bearing and gets to spend her days sitting and wishing she could get about and do more. 

At work this past week I felt like the more I tried to get done, the longer everything took to get accomplished. 

The past couple years I have gotten into long distance bike riding- a style called touring that is more about distance than speed (mostly). It's aim is mostly for cross country travel. Last year I hit 50 miles in a day or a half century.

I am currently in my third week of training for the century ride I want to do this year- hopefully more than one when all is said and done! I am planning on doing the local Goat Ride- it is in four parts of different distances but when all four are done it equals 116 miles. Training has been going well-- except that it has been VERY windy here in Indiana making the miles pass by extremely slowly at times. Part of the problem is my bike. I have an old bike. It is very sturdy and has three speeds! It also weighs about 30 lbs! (yes I just weighed it!) Super sturdy!

My ultimate goals for this year are:
  • A half-marathon
  • The Goat Ride, August 9th: 116 miles
  • The Hilly Hundred, October 10-12th: 100 miles
I would love to try to do a century and a half or even a double century before the season is over as I am hoping to do RAIN (165 mile Ride Across INdiana) next year.
My ultimate goal that I came up with a couple years ago was to tour ride down the west coast. I thought that by riding a lot that I would be able to gain the distance that I needed to build the endurance to ride 50-60 miles a day. This is only partially true! I have learned a lot this year and plan on a more active training module this year and next. I hope to be able to do the trip next fall.

Soon I will post a pic or two of my old bike and my new bike- I am hoping to get it this week!
I will post again soon- no more slothfulness for me! Winter is over and this bunny is hitting the trails!