Thursday, August 16, 2012

Peachy Sweet Summer!

Protein Smoothie

Today I want to share my basic recipe for protein shakes (or smoothies, whatever you want to call it!) I use this recipe for all my protein shakes and just choose the flavors that I want each day! As you will see, each smoothie's sweetness comes from fruit and/or stevia.

I personally go between being high raw vegan to moderate raw non-vegan-- I can't seem to give up my greek yogurt- it is sooo good! Anyhow, this basic recipe can be adapted for those who are active vegans by adding half of a large banana or a whole small one to maintain the creamy texture.

I personally have to pay close attention to my carbohydrate intake and I found a great protein powder that has met my needs. It's NutriBiotic Vegan Rice Protein- Vanilla.

Basic Base

6oz    Plain Greek Yogurt
4        Packets of Stevia or to taste
1        Heaped teaspoon protein powder
1        Teaspoon inulin fiber
1/2C Unsweetend almond milk-- more as needed for blending
6-7    Ice cubes

           Raspberry Peach

1 C    Fresh or Canned Peaches

2 C    Frozen Raspberries
6oz    Plain Greek Yogurt
6        Packets of Stevia or to taste (yes I added a couple more- the raspberries are tart!)
1        Heaped teaspoon protein powder
1/2C Unsweetend almond milk-- more as needed for blending
5        Ice cubes

Put all ingredients into your blender in the order above and blend until smooth and have a peachy sweet summer!